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Master List of Fics


Domestic Puckerman Verse ; 4/5
BOOKS AND THEIR COVERS ; Domestic!Puckerman household. Kurt has to stop by the Puckerman residence to work on a Glee project with Puck. Just looking at the house is foreboding enough, but what if appearances aren't everything?
pre-kurt/puck | pg | ~2,000 |

LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES ; Domestic!Puckerman household. With Puck and Kurt working together, Kurt is getting to see Noah for the first time; but school and safety gets in the way of getting to know him.
pre-kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~2,500 |

AN EXCEPTION FOR EVERY RULE ; Domestic!Puckerman household. Noah's reaction to Kurt's news is met with old habits. Kurt gets a surprise making sure Puck hasn't landed himself back in juvie.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~3,500 |

FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE ; Domestic!Puckerman household. Kurt's at Dalton, but he's not surprised to find he misses McKinley. It might be the absence of a certain mohawk.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~3,500 |

Of Sex and Waffles ; 8/9
ONLY SEEMS KINKY THE FIRST TIME ; Kurt and Finn have bonded as brothers and now they're trying something new. Puck spends the night and the brothers DP him in Kurt's bed.
finn/puck/kurt | nc-17 | ~3,000 | double penetration, threesome

NOT OF AVERAGE ARRANGEMENT ; Kurt and Finn discuss just how they want things to work out, Noah is rather accommodating to the awesome sex and Kurt is appreciative.
finn/puck/kurt | r | ~2,00 |

OPERATING MANUAL OPTIONAL ; Puck starts to over think things, but Finn has strict instructions on just how to handle that.
finn/puck | nc-17 | ~2,000 |

TASTE IN MEN ; The break down in relations comes rather unexpectedly, but utterly inevitably.
finn/puck/kurt | nc-17 | ~2,500 |

NOT WORTH THE FALL ; Discovering that your heart is legit broken and trying to fix it is not as easy as it is made out to be. At all.
dave/puck | nc-17 | ~4,500 |

EVERYBODY'S LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ; Sometimes, rebounding gets really out of control and 'feelings' can just happen at the worst times ever.
dave/puck | nc-17 | ~5,500 |

PUTTING HOLES IN HAPPINESS ; Rumours can screw everything to hell and back. And sometimes they can fix things that really need fixing.
dave/puck, kurt/puck | r | ~8,000 |

TELL ME THAT WE'RE JUST BEGINNING ; Kurt and Finn bond as step-brothers with a shared interest. In the end, everything comes full circle and Noah just has to accept that.
finn/puck/kurt | nc-17 | ~9,500 | double penetration, threesome

Puckerman-Hummel House ; 4/5
ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE REALLY ; Burt meets Mrs Puckerman instead of Carole. Sparks fly. Now Kurt has to deal with Puck living with him. Except Puck and Noah aren't really the same person.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~5,000 | alternate universe, glasses!puck

NOT QUITE BUT REALLY ALMOST ; With the Puckerman's and Hummel's slowly becoming family, it's only Noah's luck that something come along to screw it all up. He really might be his father's son.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~4,000 | alternate universe, glasses!puck

REALLY ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE ; With the start of Mr and Mrs Puckerman ending, Kurt and Noah need to determine just how they're going to manage things. With some added drama.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~4,000 | alternate universe, glasses!puck

NOT QUITE REALLY BUT ALMOST ; Divorce proceedings, custody battles and coming out; this shouldn't feel like an average week.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~3,500 | alternate universe, glasses!puck

Spin the Bottle Verse ; 3/3
IS THAT A MAGNET IN YOUR POCKET ; After their first Nationals, the original New Directions party it up at the Puckerman house. Brittany drunkenly declares it 'Spin the Bottle Sex Dice' night and the only thing Puck's wondering is why Britt's wandering around with sex dice. Horniness ensues.
kurt/puck, santana/brittany, ensemble | nc-17 | ~8,500 |

THERE'S NOT A WORD FOR WHAT I WANT ; After the party at Puck's, the Unholy Trinity form an alliance with a goal in mind; break up Kurt and Blaine, hook up Puck and Kurt. If only things went smoothly.
kurt/puck, blaine/kurt, santana/brittany/quinn, ensemble | nc-17 | ~13,000

I'M NOT TRYING TO WRITE A LOVE SONG ; Puck's attempt at 'moving on' fails fantastically but that might not be a terrible thing.
kurt/puck, kurt/blaine, santana/brittany/quinn, ensemble | nc-17 | ~15,000

The Grass is Always Greener ; 15/?
CHAPTER ONE ; Somehow, Quinn and Puck end up in each others bodies. It's not as fun as it sounds either.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~1,500 | body swap

CHAPTER TWO ; Retracing their steps, Quinn and Puck try to figure out how they wound up the way they were while dealing with the situation at hand.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~2,000 | body swap

CHAPTER THREE ; The looming threat of school pushes Quinn and Puck to accept their fate to start Senior year in each other's bodies.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~2,000 | body swap

CHAPTER FOUR ; The first day of Senior year and the abnormality continues with almost comical results.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~3,000 | body swap

CHAPTER FIVE ; Three weeks through their 'ordeal', the cracks begin to show.
quinn/puck | PG-13 | ~3,000 | body swap

CHAPTER SIX ; Puck convinces Quinn to explore the benefits of stringless sex. It's only mildly weird considering their predicament.
quinn/puck | nc-17 | ~3,500 | body swap, smut

CHAPTER SEVEN ; It's the morning after and deals are struck.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~2,500 | body swap

CHAPTER EIGHT ; Quick go public and thing start to heat up.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~2,500 | body swap

CHAPTER NINE ; Taking things to the next level, Puck and Quinn discover that the opposite sex isn't always a bad thing to be.
quinn/puck | nc-17 | ~2,000 | body swap, smut

CHAPTER TEN ; A day in the life of a power couple in the making, complete with unreal expectations and Ms Fabray's homecoming.
quinn/puck | r | ~3,000 | body swap, smut

CHAPTER ELEVEN ; Telling 'mom' and the official serenading of Noah 'Quinn' Puckerman.
quinn/puck | r | ~3,500 | body swap, smut

CHAPTER TWELVE ; One argument under their belt and a power couple break up.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~3,000 | body swap

CHAPTER THIRTEEN ; Football games, parties and moments of weakness. Suddenly Quinn's the one needing support in the relationship.
quinn/puck | r | ~4,500 | body swap, smut

CHAPTER FOURTEEN ; Thanksgiving approaches with an anniversary looming and Judy's plans with her new boyfriend almost spoil things.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~4,000 | body swap

CHAPTER FIFTEEN ; Puck deals with the fallout with Judy, makes anniversary plans and Quinn takes the edge off.
quinn/puck | nc-17 | ~4,000 | body swap, smut

One Shots
A CHARMING SPELL ; A scientific anomaly turns Puck into a girl. With no other choice but to wait until he changes back, he moves on with his life. Things were fine up until Finn kissed him and shit started between them.
finn/puck | nc-17 | ~10,500 | genderswap

ADVENTURE TIME IS EPIC ; Kurt and Finn are left in charge of five children. They don't cope well. Enter Noah Puckerman, who has mad babysitting skills.
gen | pg | ~2,000 |

AIN'T NOBODY ELSE GONNA MAKE IT RIGHT ; Finn doesn't believe a man can be raped by a woman. Puck doesn't contribute to the discussion because he's scared that if he opens his mouth, he'll break down in tears.
finn/puck | r | ~4,500 | mentions sexual assault, talk of rape |

ALL THE KINGS HORSES ; The Nationals performance was going great and as he sat in the audience, Will could feel that it was in the bag. Then...Puck fell off the stage and over the sudden silence, the only thing anyone could hear was one of the teens screaming for help.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~4,000 |

ALL YOU KNOW AND HOW YOU SPEAK ; After having sex with Shelby, Puck realises what a huge mistake he's made and ends up on Rachel's doorstep.
rachel/puck | pg-13 | ~5,000 |

BEAUTIFUL (IN EVERY SINGLE WAY) ; Finn called her beautiful. Noah makes her feel beautiful.
rachel/puck | r | ~3,500 | smutish

BEST FRIENDS BEFORE LOSERS ; When Mr. Schue kicked Santana out of Glee, he didn't just lose one member. He lost two.
santana/puck friendship | pg-13 | ~2,500 |

BEST OF A BAD THING ; Puck gets knocked up and won't tell anyone who the other father is. The gleeks play 'guess the baby daddy.' Kurt suggests that they figure out when the baby was conceived and realise it was when Puck was in juvie. Suddenly, it's not funny.
kurt/puck | pg-15 | ~7,500 | rape, mpreg

DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN ; When Puck's mother walks out half way through his junior year, Noah finds himself responsible for his sister, himself and keeping up the pretence. Things don't always work out that way.
kurt/puck | r | ~22,000 |

DID I DISAPPOINT YOU ; Mrs Puckerman does the unthinkable, but Noah's the one picking up the pieces, with a little help.
rachel/puck | r | ~5,500 | mental illness, survivors guilt, minor character death

DO YOU FEEL ME NOW ; On a car journey back from a performance, Quinn is in Puck's lap. It's not exactly a smooth ride.
quinn/puck | nc-17 | ~2,000 | car sex, in public, smut

DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME ; Rachel really is a little psychic. Enough that when she dreams of Noah dying, she knows it's a message. She just doesn't expect it to be a repeat message.
rachel/puck | r | ~3,500 | depictions of character death

DRUNKEN SNUGGLES CAN LEAD TO THREESOMES ; After Rachel's party, Puck's far too drunk to go home to his ma, Mike offers his place to crash. Puck's grateful.
mike/puck/tina | nc-17 | ~2,500 | threesome, smut

EVERY CAR YOU CHASE ;; Puck looks to 'fix' Rachel after a break up with Finn. It has some surprising results. "Can we try us again?"
rachel/puck | pg-13 | ~3,000 |

FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT ; Puck wears a 'FCKH8' campaign shirt to school. Things happen.
kurt/puck, santana/brittany | pg-13 | ~2,500 |

HEADING FOR A MELTDOWN ; Puck answers Kurt's phone during glee one afternoon. And so launches Santana and Puck's quest to find the mystery caller.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~3,000 | homophobic slurs

I NEED SOMETHING MORE ; It starts with a 'Round Robin' of truth and snowballs. Puck isn't sure when his life turned into an episode of Sweet Valley High.
rachel/puck | nc-17 | ~22,000 | mentions sexual child abuse

I'LL BE THE ONE TO PROTECT YOU ; Kurt's been unaware of the attention he's gotten from two men, but they have a gift to present to him. It's not the type of gift anyone really asks for.
kurt/puck | r | ~8,500 | abduction, abuse, mentioned rape, mental torture, dark subject matter

IN GOOD HEALTH AND GOOD TIME ; An accident lands Puck in the hospital, killing his mother and grandmother. Mr. Puckerman, as Noah's next of kin, is called while Puck lies in the hospital, a reunion that results in shocking revelations, surprising revelations and a completely new family dynamic for Noah and his sister. Senior year definitely turns out different from how Puck would've imagined.
rachel/puck, rachel/finn, kurt/blaine | r | ~32,000 | minor character death, language

IT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAY IT'S THE WAY THAT YOU SAY IT ; Puck secretly writes the school newspaper advice column. He's convinced high school shouldn't be this dramatic.
kurt/puck | r | ~16,500 | stalking

IT'S OKAY TO SAY YOU'VE GOT A WEAK SPOT ; Some kid losing it at school sends everything into chaos. Puck has just one priority; get Becky safe.
gen | pg-13 | ~4,500 | school shooting, lacking sympathy for perpetrator, injury

LOOKING FOR HEAVEN FOR THE DEVIL IN ME ; Puck came back from juvie different; quiet and contained. Kurt thought that something must've happened inside. Until he finds out there was no juvie, and Noah's on a slope to becoming yet another statistic unless someone gives him a reason. Kurt makes it his new mission.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~6,000 | self harm, attempted suicide

MINE BEFORE AND MINE AGAIN ; Carole had a second son, but he was kidnapped while a baby. One day, the police tell her they've found him. Only sitting there, it's Noah Puckerman.
gen | pg-13 | ~4,500 | child abduction

MONSTERS IN YOUR HEAD ; Puck has a flashback to his extremely abusive childhood in the middle of Glee. He's crying, hyperventilating, completely terrified. No one in Glee ever treats him the same. Some of them are awkward, some strangely nice, some pitying...
gen | r | ~4,000 | mentioned child abuse, panic attack

MY BROTHER'S KEEPER ; Sarah's had rules for her cell phone and Noah usually follow those rules too. But when he texts her in class, and tells her there's a shooter at his school, Sarah's pretty sure the rules don't apply here.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~7,500 | depictions of school shooting, injury, language

NOT JUST THE LIGHT ; Puck has this habit of just pushing himself, even when he maybe shouldn't.
gen | pg | ~1,500 |

PAPA WAS A ROLLIN' STONE ; Puck's Dad dies, the club tries to get him to open up while he claims he's fine. Kurt finds out he's not really.
gen | pg | ~2,500 | mentioned character death

PYRAMID SCHEME ; Beiste meets Ken Tanaka when he comes back to see his old team. She instantly notices Puck, Finn, and Mike don't go near him, Artie has his wheelchair in between them and Tanaka and Sam just looks confused.
gen | pg-15 | ~3,000 | mentioned abuse

THE HIDDEN DEPTHS OF NOAH PUCKERMAN ; The Puckzilla has hidden depths: New Directions are a little surprised to discover them.
gen | pg-13 | ~3,000 |

THE SUM OF THEIR MISTAKES ; Puck never went to juvie. He was in rehab. His mom was a meth head and Puck and his sister were exposed to the drugs. Puck fought to keep it quiet, but one day the gleeks find out.
quinn/puck | pg-13 | ~4,000 | drug use (intentional & accidental)

THESE SCARS YOU CARRY ; Kurt knew when he started dating Puck that his dad would end up doing the overprotective "hurt my son and I'll come after you with a shotgun" speech, so when his dad started in on it, he just rolled his eyes. And Burt saying to not hurt Kurt because he had one? It was the worst thing he could have said.
kurt/puck | pg-13 | ~3,500 | panic attack, mentions school shooting

THROUGH THICK AND THIN ; Finn's away with mono when Puck comes in sporting an impressive wound. The truth doesn't hit until Finn's back with a clue-by-four.
gen | pg-13 | ~2,500 | abuse

TOUCH ME AND I COME ALIVE ; Puck and Santana bang at a party, with the glee club in the room.
santana/puck | nc-17 | ~2,000 | exhibitionism, smut

WEAR ALL YOUR LIES ; For the 'Born this Way' number Puck's shirt said 'CRACK BABY'.
lauren/puck | pg-13 | ~500 | mentioned drug use

WHAT AM I WAITING FOR ; Puck had a big confession prepared for Kurt on the night of Regionals in their junior year. But Kurt's non-confession sort of ruined that. So Puck was pregnant, and it was Kurt's, but Kurt was with Blaine. Puck didn't expect the drama that followed.
kurt/puck, kurt/blaine | nc-17 | ~25,500 | mpreg

WHAT THE MOVIES DON'T SHOW ; Kurt and Puck strike up a 'friends with benefits' sort of arrangement, although Kurt's not giving up his V-Card until he's with his first love. Puck doesn't mind. But along the way feelings get involved and secrets are kept until it's almost too late and Kurt has a decision to make.
kurt/puck | nc-17 | ~14,500 | abuse

WHO MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE I MAKE YOU FEEL ; Unable to use his fists to get Karofsky off Kurt's case, Puck goes to other measures to keep Kurt at McKinley.
dave/puck | nc-17 | ~9,000 | semi-prostitution, mild bondage
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